• Introduction


    Semi-automatic System for dissolution and transmission of dyes for discontinuous dyeing machines

    Termodye systems provide a perfect dissolution and transmission of powder dyes. The models available are the automatic Termodye Vacuum and the semi-automatic TermoDYE.MAN. The latter envisages the use of 2 dissolution bins equipped with valves and electric stirrers.

  • TermoDYE.MAN:

    - Couple of tanks each one equipped as follows:
    - Flanged attak for suction pipe
    - Pierced edge for washing
    - Automatic valve DN25 for washing
    - Automatic valve DN20 for washing diffusion device
    - Tank washing diffusion device
    - Min-med-max level probes
    - Automatic valve DN25 for tank interception
    - Half opening lid
    - Electromixer IMF 1 HP
    - Limit switch to control lid closing

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