• Introduction


    Laboratory Colorimetric System for Dyeing Process Analysis

    VDA (View Dyeing Analizer) is a control system which makes it possible to monitor and improve all production processes related to textile fibre dyeing. It employs a colorimetric system which allows you to check whether the process at issue has been actually successful in a very short time. The dyeing, in the VDA, is performed via a perforated beam on which 100 g of fabric are dyed, thus replicating the industrial production process. It is the ideal solution for natural and synthetic fibres.

  • VDA:

    - Optimisation of dyeing cycles by time savings and an increase in quality.
    Reduction of need for corrections first-time right).
    Optimisation of consumption of auxiliaries and dyestuffs.
    Reduction of energy consumptions.
    Reduction of polluting liquids.

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