• Introduction


    Integrated Production Management Software

    TEXMANAGER è un software sviluppato in ambiente Windows per la gestione del processo produttivo. Semplice ma ricco di funzioni, è uno strumento indispensabile nelle tintorie moderne.


    - TEXMANAGER is a software application developed in the windows environment for the management of the production process.
    - Simple but rich in functions, it is an indispensable tool in dyehouses.
    - It is used to manage dyeing processes, plan production activities and remote-control machines.
    - It is used to manage the calls for dyeing processes, auxiliaries, chemicals and dyestuffs.
    - It displays all measurements controllers, sinoptics, trends and histograms in real time, in a practical and intuitive way.
    - It calculates real yields of machines and energy consumptions.
    - It stores all operations carried out on machines and graphs of processes in historical file.
    - It stores all products delivered to the machines and their quantities.
    - It can be used to extract all production data necessary for industrial management controls.
    - It provides for the management of fixed parameters of machines directly from supervisory unit.
    - The control of microprocessors is now possible via the Ethernet network, thus improving and reducing possible idle times.
    - It can be interfaced with other systems for colourmatching and dosing.
    - Possibility of on-line comunication with other PCs for remote assistance through internet.

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