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The dosage of coloring powders in the dyeing process has always been one of the most critical and difficult to control points. A precise and constant weighing of the various components of the recipe determines a perfect repeatability and reproducibility of the required color. Termopowder systems are the result of in-depth technological research and the experience of Thermelectronics in the field of textile industrial automation. Customizable according to the customer's needs, they can dose powder dyes, granules and microbeads, as well as manage the various containers with extreme precision and reliability. TermoPowderXp provides for the use of 1 to 3 modular powder carousels with a maximum capacity of 100 kg and the use of scales with 0.1 g precision.

- Maximum capacity for carousel 30 silos.
- Maximum capacity for silos 100 kg for the standard configuration.
- Possibility of silos of 50 kg.
- Customizable transport system.
- Single or double dosing island with scale (precision 0.1 grams).
- Trapezoidal storage silos with separator filter.
- Suction of fumes and volatile dust.
- Command console with PCTE-15.
- Half air loading system.
- Hopper with delivery screw.
- Specific plates for each type of powder.
- Vibration system and bridge breaker.
- Possibility of manual weighing or sending to automatic dissolution.


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